The Brothers McLeod Spamland

The Brothers McLeod Animation

The Brothers McLeod have released their second installation of “Spamland” cartoons which put images to the nonsensical spam paragraphs that squeeze through spam filters sometimes. For example last night I received a message that read:

“Wizard, may I eat just one of the fat little piglets? You’d never miss ONE of them, I’m sure! What a horrid, savage beast! exclaimed a piglet; and after we’ve been such good friends, too, and played with one another! When I’m not hungry, I love to play with you all, said the kitten, demurely; but when my stomach is empty it seems that nothing would fill it so nicely as a fat piglet. It takes a great deal to startle a boy”

The new Spamland cartoon is an epic for sure, with demon monster battles and a tragically conflicted anti-hero holding our attention rapt with his soliloquy. Check out the brother’s website here. And here is the new Spamland:

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