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A note from L-Beast, about some sweet MP3 blogs he visits to score choice jams available no where else or at least hard to find. ( He previously recommended an amazing Brazilian MP3 blog here). He writes:

“…even the best of these sites (like little hits and bubblegum machine) usually have like at best a 25% goodness ratio so it takes some patience, i guess. some of the writing puts you in a weird nerd spiral too if you’re not careful.

awesome ike and tina jam:

crazy 60s solo producer wildness:,%20I%27ve%20Got%20News%20For%20You.mp3

sweet incompetent garage:

other places i’ve found good stuff on:
jamaican music/southern soul:

some good 60s/70s soul/mindblowingly shitty jazz fusion

severe soul/gospel/vinyl nerds

60s garage rock. this guy probably has a graying bowl cut

i think this site is all podcasts now but i found kool punk stuff there before. i attached one. hippies stink!

Thanks man!

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