Three More Meathaus 8 Mentions

Three more reviews or mentions of Meathaus 8 Headgames:

First from the Top Shelf Productions blog, honcho Brett Warnock says: “Yet another splendiferous outing for anthology lovers like myself. Farel’s package design and general art direction is gorgeous, and probably more than half of the stories really sang to me.” Read the rest here.

Blogger Randy Lander offers up his point of view: “I’m particularly amused (and disturbed) by the contribution of Mickey Duzyj, who offers up a tale of giant naked old women fighting it out in a city using laser guns. Seriously. I don’t care who you are, that’s just awesome.” Read the rest here.

Finally fellow SVAer and man-about-town Nick Gazin shares his most intimate thoughts about Meathaus 8 on his Livejournal: “I got the new Meathaus which has some good shit and lackluster shit. Farel, Angry Jim, Mu, Kenichi, James Jean and Tomer all turned in top notch comics. Chris McD turned in a pretty good one. Zach Baldus’s had nice Baldus drawins and worthless text . Nothing else left enough of an impact for me to remember it.” That’s all on Meathaus but you can still read the rest here

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Ouch! I didn’t even know I got quoted off my blog for saying that. I stand by my opinion. Tom Herpich, who usually goes to infinity and beyond phoned it in on a Fisher Price toy phone in a plastic playhouse.

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