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These comics are raw, strange, beautiful, exploding with energy and creativity.  Take what you think about superheroes now and replace it with how you felt about superheroes in elementary school.  Lift off.

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I was born in Lafayette, Indiana Nov 28, 1933; my first enthusiastic love was comic books–I remember buying Superman Nr. 4, 6, etc. Most of all I remember having the top of my head blown off by STARDUST THE SUPER WIZARD in Fantastic Comics (Fox Publications). Something in Fletcher Hanks’ art reached me on non-verbal levels that made me want to read/see everything Hanks ever drew. Alas, I was only 7 or 8 years old at the time, so that was not to be. With 4 older brothers and sisters, ten cents was a lota money so the only STARDUST strips I ever saw were traded comicbooks. I bought every Superman, Batman comicbooks. I also loved Ed Wheelan’s FAT AND SLAT art/comicbooks. Then, in 1943, I got hold of POWERHOUSE PEPPER NR. 1 by Basil Wolverton and I became a Wolverton fan for life! In the 1970s as comic fandom increased, I bought up all the Wolverton comicbooks I could find. I bought a few–very few–Fantastic Comics also with STARDUST. STARDUST art, just gazing at it, overpowers me even more than Basil Wolverton’s art. I have no idea how to explain all this. Like art, music and poetry–it is beyond words these feelings with overwhelming emotional impact. Wolverton was a superb genius, precise, quality art, and for a long time I assumed STARDUST was drawn by Basil Wolverton. Anyway, I’d like to get a CD with ALL 16 of the STARDUST stories on it. Anybody got such a thing? I’ll trade some duplicate Wolvertnon comics for it. I have over 95% of all the comicbooks Basil Wolverton ever drew. Unfortunately, I sold all my Basil Wolverton art, including originals Basil himself sent me in 1948-1950. Anyway, it’s great the Fletcher Hanks ID has finally been revealed. His art impacted me when I was 7 or 8, in 1941 or so, and it is still with me. Amazing stuff. Bye for now, best wishes, Ron Graham, 8167 Park Avenue, Forestville, CA 95436. Today’s date: Septemb er 10, 2010. Keep on trucking. And remember what Kipling said: “Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow you may die.” Always good advice to follow. And, remember what Frankie Laine, great 1950’s American singer said, which I remember reading when I was a teenager: “You might as well be happy, because if you ain’t, nobody care anyhow.” More advice as to the ideal attitude to have towards life.

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