TurnHere Films & Steve Doggie-Dogg

TurnHere Films & Steve Doggydog

Turnhere Films is a company that registers and then pays filmmakers to create short films about places and locales and shows them here. (Here is their filmmaker site). It is an interesting idea, but like many internet companies you wonder how they are planning on making back their money. They do own the films that people make, and all the source material, so perhaps they have some bigger ambitions for all that footage. Maybe they will re-cut together everything to produce their own series of programs. They also act as agents for their global network of registered filmmakers and are selling themselves as an online video studio.

Anyways Steve “Doggie-Dogg” Worth, curator of the amazing ASIFA-hollywood Animation Archive and Hot Dog Expert is featured in this clip about Los Angeles dogs and tacos. And here’s a film about my neighborhood, Echo Park. Maybe there’s a film about your neighborhood or favorite spot already.

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