Let’s Paint TV: John Gets To Paint

Let’s Paint TV: John Gets To Paint

The best show Let’s Paint TV recently produced a new episode featuring a live model, Venus Alexa. John actually gets to paint for most of the show because the show did not get broadcast live as it was supposed to and so there were no calls. This left more time for John to drop motivational nuggets, run on his treadmill, cook hashbrowns and flirt with Venus. All in all it was a nicely new textured show and another complete success. See the episode starting at part one here. Keep it up John!

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I love this show. I never miss an episode. I have emailed the dude a couple of times. He always answers. I so hope he keeps this going.

I think he had a crush on the chick in this episode. John wants to put his cream in her coffee.

By the way I like your site I added it to my Google Reader.

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