Hairstyle Names From 1970s Ebony Ad

Here are some pictures of hairstyles with awesome names that I scanned from one of my 1970s Ebony magazines. These are from an ad for hair products, not from an article. All good haircuts should have an equally good name.

Hairstyle Names From 1970s Ebony Ad

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Si no sabiais que hacer con el aceite viejo de la freidora; aqui está la solucion:
Peinados Afro, seras el mas EMO del lugar.

Pump Says:
February 14th, 2007 at 8:48 am
Bah, the haircuts looks the same and i think its the same person with diffrent facialhair and makeup, correct me if im wrong

Man you are one uneducated kid, so you mean it’s the same person, but they’re doing all they can to make them look different… that is one of the most stupid comments ive ever seen. Maybe if you spend long enough then you will realise that the men are different shades, have different faces. Also someone else said all black people look the same, you ignorant loser. I’m white and i can tell the difference between black people just like any other two white people, you lot who think that are just so narrow minded and uneducated.

On a more relevant note to the actual post. Don’t you love the way the Private Eye is looking lol looks funny too me.

Yea, it was a joke. You are all too defensive to being called a racist.

“Smarter Says:
February 9th, 2007 at 12:54 pm
Hey you guys are morons. clearly broomcup was making a clever joke and it went right over all of your heads because you are actually concerned that you might be a racist. Hence the defensive attitudes.”

[…] I guess there’s not much you can do to hair. But not many are quite as similar as these hairstyles from the 1970’s. There are slight differences, but they’re all essentially the same […]

Broomcup, I should explain for other people’s benefit that your father was a serial paedophile, and that, due to your broken family background, you now prefer sex with animals, so it is difficult for you to engage in normal, sensible communication.

So now everyone will understand. Or they could think this is just a joke. Which it is. Isn’t it funny Broomcup, making spurious insults?

why r all u losers at a 70’s hairstyle website? freaks! im doing a history project on a decade and we chose the 7o’s

what is wrong with you people ….do you not have anything better to do then talk shit. go get a job or something stop wasting your life away …. lolll,

I agree with Bum Fashion, essentially they are all the same with some minor differences that may stand out more or less depending on who is sporting the fro. Nevertheless, a interesting look back at the good ol days, black or white!

“Jojo” at #50 would be correct to refer to all the
styles as “afros”. They are, indeed, all afros;
just different versions of afros. The “flat-top”
is noticeably a little less round on top than
the others. I do not like the flat-top myself.
It looks as if someone dropped something on his


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Man those where hairstyles!, i have some black friends and i always tell them what’s up with the shaved head? today everybody looks the same!

I’m old ‘white trash’, or what do you say? Cracker. I had a huge fro back in the 70’s – naturally kinky hair (no perm), even though I guess I’m white. (“I’m not white, I just don’t have as much color as some folks.”)

Anyway, I always thought of there being mainly 2 afro styles: the fro, and the bush (when it was so big it was down on your shoulders). I always wanted a bush, but never quite got it there – old fashioned Bible College where I was attending, mostly. (They rained on me.)

Great memories, all around.

Like all young people, I thought I could change the world. Wanted a world free of racial prejudice….

Old Southerner Cracker

The Hair styles do all look the same except 2 are longer and “New NAtural” Isn’t “Natural” the guy used relaxer to make his hair look less “Afro/Black”

The “Look the same ” comments were meant about the hair not the people , but the funny thing is now that- that has been clarified , to be honest those guys do look the same as each other !

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