Hairstyle Names From 1970s Ebony Ad

Here are some pictures of hairstyles with awesome names that I scanned from one of my 1970s Ebony magazines. These are from an ad for hair products, not from an article. All good haircuts should have an equally good name.

Hairstyle Names From 1970s Ebony Ad

145 thoughts on “Hairstyle Names From 1970s Ebony Ad”

  1. So it’s agreed then, all black people look the same, it’s just their haircuts which are different.

    Now that is sorted, we can close the internet.

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  3. Wow. I found this post via another blog. I was going to leave a comment about the good ole ’70’s, but you knuckleheads ruined it…

  4. I can tell the minor differences, but the major difference I’m noticing with the “new natural” style seems to be that it appears to be worn by an Indian guy. He doesn’t really seem to fit in.

  5. To me all “cuts” look just great and I’d really would go back to that time – missing the 70’s!!!

  6. broomcup is right! unfortunately he or she is a racist too. you are all racists. not at least because you see any differences.

  7. it is paranoia and fear wich controls them citizens.this protects the system and its leaders in the USA and other countries.

  8. “hope the flattop comes back in the 21st century in a new and exciting variant.”

    I would love to bring back the flattop, but I’m white!

  9. Hey you guys are morons. clearly broomcup was making a clever joke and it went right over all of your heads because you are actually concerned that you might be a racist. Hence the defensive attitudes.

  10. There was most definitely HIV and AIDS in the 70s… that’s like saying I really anjoyed the nineties because there were no big prescription pill addictions like there are today.

  11. My janitor was “The Duke” back in Elem. school. Also, it could be argued that Samuel L. Jackson in “Pulp Fiction” was rockin’ “The Professional.”

  12. is it just me but they all seem very greasy

    and them 70’s boobs were diferent because the tipe of bras they wore it shapes the boobs in a different form

  13. My opinion is that the hair afficionados notice and appreciate the differences; the ones who don’t, don’t. What’s wrong with that? I happen to prefer hair, and well managed hair at that. . . so I notice. It’s retarded that the discussion even started. There’s ongoing oppression, slavery, poverty, etc. . . .and mutha*bleeps* are seriously having a ‘debate’ about hairstyles? C’mon y’all.

  14. That guy with the hip shades at my local post office has “The Professional”. I always wanted to know its name but was afraid to ask.

  15. I like the flattop best too, but mostly because the man is handsome. The new natural reminds me of Johnny Mathis. On the private eye photo, most men look like idiots with mustaches, but Richard Roundtree is much more attractive with it.

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  17. Nice! Now may we please get a similar gallery for shaved pussies? “The Tiger”, “Little Miss Kitty”, “Galore”, “The Stripped Miau” and so on? Shaved cats are really interesting!

    (Shaved beavers would do as well, even though people may not get the humor in it!)

  18. I love that hairstyles, it’s a shame my hair is so striaght.
    And by the way… you oughta recognize that some of them are very similar.

  19. Bah, the haircuts looks the same and i think its the same person with diffrent facialhair and makeup, correct me if im wrong

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