Coney Island To Turn Into Shitty Mall For Jerks

NYC has been seeing a lot of local coverage of this story, and now the developer who has added to his Coney Island holdings through the purchase of Astroland has recently premiered the website The Future of Coney Island. Job growth, community revitalization and new opportunities for people are all good things. Building a new amusement park with shops, restaurants, hotels and condos isn’t necessarily bad either, if they do it right. But could they just respect the 100+ years of history of Coney Island a little and hire some new designers so that they don’t end up with crap like this?

Coney Island To Turn Into Shitty Mall For Jerks

For cryin’ out loud. Coney Island has a 100 years of awesome graphics, design, typography, signage, architecture, and history and this conceptual artist lays out a Times Square style glass and metal clusterfuck of ugly. Let me guess: they need all that cavernous retail space for the Dave and Buster’s, ESPN Zone, TGI Friday’s and Wal-Mart that will be moving in. Where did they get this designer anyway? Jack-O-Lantern on a bikini butt? Must be their idea of Coney wackiness. And don’t even get me started on the graphic for SPLASH! their proposed year-round indoor waterpark. Nice type, assface!

Coney Island Waterpark Graphics

How about this: Try hiring some local old-school people to get involved, pay homage to the hand-painted signs and cartoons, get some of that Coney burlesque, freak show, neon, tattooed, vomit-encrusted, carnival, Russian junk store, hot dog eating contest, boardwalk flavor in there. Come on people. Get with it. And uh… good luck with that.

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My husband was born there. Spent the happiest momments of his childhood there. He always said he loved it. he said he road the rides constantly. He recalled with love all the fun. He died 7-14-2005. If I had pictures of this my favorite place I would make my living room a mini museum. My husbands’ eyes lit up talking of it.It is a place we all love.My heart is there. You said it all and truer words were never spoken.don’t muck it up..old Coney is where its at.

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