More 1970s Hair Advertisements

Considering loads of you hairstyle enthusiasts visited to check out the 70s Ebony Ad Hairstyle Names post from a few days back, I thought I’d share a few more scans that I had laying around. This time please enjoy these 3 ads from 1970s “gentleman’s” magazines. They are each painful in their own way. I especially love the illustrations for the MAN’S WIG.

More 1970s Hair Advertisements

2 replies on “More 1970s Hair Advertisements”

I live near a retirement community. I think some of those guys still have that 14.95 piece o’ crap, and are still believing the hype…

what doesn’t make sense to me at all is how the ebony 1970’s hairstyles post got so many comments when there are tons of even better and more intersting blogs to comment. People are strange

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