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Whether you are in business for yourself freelancing or still in school considering one day running your own illustration or design firm, it is never too late to get smart about the business side of it all. We have been posting articles and resources that relate to this under the “Business for Artists” category that you see at the bottom of this post in case you want to see what else we have found over the last year or so.

Here are a few more helpful resources, found through a morning of following links that all started out on this excellent post from Amid Amidi over on Cartoon Brew about business practices that you should be aware of and avoid at all costs. The most valuable assets that you own are your own ideas, so be very careful about ever signing them away– if ever at all.


First of all, NO!SPEC is an organization created to help both employers and service providers understand the negative effects of doing work for free, or “on speculation” that future work will be compensated.

And secondly, Creative Business is a company that provides many business articles for sale which may be useful. But one very valuable resource they are providing for free is this page of free downloadable forms, letters and contracts that you may use in your own business practice. At the least they provide a perspective on how a larger creative firm may operate and give you a standard of professional business practices to strive for.

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