Chloe Cummings’ Wrestling Musings

Chloe Cummings’ Wrestling Musings and Drawings

Previously noted here for her intense and original drawings and paintings, Chloe Cummings has not stopped studying, learning and discussing her thoughts about art theory and glistening wrestler flesh in all of its contradicting beauty and ugliness. Her writing is as intriguing and entertaining as her drawing and her quest for understanding is consistently inspiring.

Chloe maintains two blogs of her writing and art. Her white blog is a “humble offering of pictures and punchy wordlets” and her great grey intense blog “is where theories are synthesized in flurries of idiocy” says Chloe. She also has a website with even more art but is seems to be down currently. According to her myspace page, it should be back soon.

Chloe Cummings’ Wrestling Musings

Chloe explains on her “About Me” page: “I am a fan of both professional wrestling and visionary landscape painting. I want to paint pictures that contain the compassion of Rembrandt and an equivalent of the generous beauty of a 1965 Beach Boys album. All of my apparently disparate interests are comfortably reconciled inside my muse-brain, and I hope to be able to unravel this process in this brand new blog.”

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