Ralph Bakshi Art Book Project

Ralph Bakshi Art Book Project

I’m currently researching and co-writing an art/ biography book with Jon Gibson on director and artist Ralph Bakshi slated for release in the summer of 2008 from Rizzoli NYC. We’ve set up a production blog over at Ralph’s Spot, which gets its name from the commercial animation studio that Ralph ran in NYC for a bit before rocking the animated feature world with Fritz the Cat. We’ll be throwing a lot of art that we can’t fit into the book up on the blog along the way. We’ve put out the call for anyone who has great Ralph related stories or art to send them our way, because every bit helps to build the whole picture.

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  1. Hi…We are launching “unfiltered” the book about Ralph this week with a gallery opening of Ralph’s paintings….I wanted to invite you, and you may take photos, if you like. I am not sure which coast you are on, but there is time to fly….here is the link to all of the happenings with Ralph in NY this wqeek;

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