“May Thine Amulet Never Tarnish”

Here’s the first couple pages from a story I just did for a Marvel indy-creator anthology series. I asked the editor if I could post a preview on this blog and he said that’d be cool. It should see print sometime later 2007 or early 2008.
Dash Dr. Strange
Dash Dr. Strange
Ditko’s Dr. Strange drawings have a really fun, dorky weirdness that I tried to capture. Some Richard Powers snuck in there too. Circular panels, question-mark shaped word balloons and diagonal gutters are fun to draw.

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This is just surreal enough to potentially recapture the old dimension-dancing, Dormammu-destroying days of Dr. Strange, while still appealing to a humor loving crowd.



I haven’t been buying much these days, but I’m going to go out and pick this up. I enjoy all different takes on the classic Marvel characters, and would be proud to have you sign your work, Dash, if you end up doing a show hereabouts in the DC Metro area (SPX, Baltimore Comic-Con, Capital Associates, etc.)!


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