Jim Woodring’s Jesus and the Bear

Jim Woodring’s Jesus and the Bear

Jim Woodring has a fantastic new painting on his blog of which you see only a detail of above. Go there to see the full luster. Does that appear to be some Jesus-brain exposed?

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you are wrong for this pict, how could you ever down size the lord like this in this pict. god is recording all of this and this is not even funny

u people can be so ignorant sometimes. the picture is show ing that the bear had attacked jesus . but despite getting mauled jesus still taught him the right way to be…as u can see the bear is now crying for forgivness….it is what jesus teaches…FORGIVNESS!!!!

The bear is us… humanity… violent, rough, trapped by the nature of our sin just as a bear can become violent by natural instincts. Jesus is depicted in a very real state. According to the gospel recorded by the saints, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, Jesus Christ went to the Roman cross (after being “mauled” by Roman soldiers) to receive the punishment for our sin. Now faced with the “TRUTH” of the effects of his/her sin, the bear is weeping from a broken tenderness brought on by the loving, full forgiveness of Christ, who interceded on the bear’s behalf. In other words, the bear will not be punished by God because Jesus Christ took the punishment on himself as a replacement recipient of God’s wrath. Now, as can be seen, Jesus, the living Son of God, returned to the bear out of a love that never gives up… even after the “relationship” had been abused. Do you see that, now? The Jesus that I know loves me that way. I do know that is true… not as an historian, but as one who was like the bear in my violence and is finally beginning to know God’s love and forgiveness through Jesus.

uh,… maybe you wackos are taking this, and yourselves, a bit too seriously. This piece is hilarious, and yes it does to a point reflect Jesus’s alleged “turn the other cheek” precept,…
Jim Woodring is an artist, he can make whatever comment he wants to make, if you want to get all heavy about Jesus, go to an actual Christian website, and debate without grammar there.
Sorry for calling you all wackos.

Only wimps need to make a scapegoat out of Jesus. Everyone who has commented on this post so far is an idiot (except me, of course).

Yes, Anne, artists can do whatever they want. What’s your point? The same is true for everyone else, from serial killers and pedophiles down to the Pope himself.

I doubt Jesus was gay but even if he was what would it matter? Clearly he had other things to think about besides whatever his sexuality happened to be. It’s also pretty clear that “Sam Allen” has issues with his own sexuality. “Pro bears” indeed….

Jesus is lucky it wasn’t a grizzly bear. Oh and #7 post, Daniel… really? Jesus’ fate was to endure God’s wrath? Because that is awesome – maybe God is suppose to be the bear in this picture and is sad because he took out his God-rage on his human cub Jesus… stop proselytizing on a freaking comment board.

stop commenting abt jesus u all are freaks and jobless people. think abt ur future and pray to god the christ. i think @ng3 she had tweeted better sometimes. learn somethin good itstead of criticizing.

“…And when there were only two foot prints in the sand, that’s when I let the bear eat you.”

Really, this isn’t all that offensive.

I’ve seen much worse.

“The same is true for everyone else, from serial killers and pedophiles down to the Pope himself.”

Art doesn’t inconvenience people, where as being murdered does. There’s a great deal of difference between intentionally causing another individual harm and expressing oneself in art which directly effects no one.

Nice picture. Hey, I wonder what would happen to Mr. Woodring if this picture was about Mohammad or Islam? I’ll break it down for you. It would go something like this: KABOOOOOM!!!!!!

Do you think Christians are intolerant? THAT’S NOTHING COMPARED TO OUR MUSLIM BROTHERS!!! They tolerate NOTHING!!!

Even though the bear attacked Jesus, the bear was still one of the most precious, beloved creature to God’s Heart. One day, Jesus through the holy spirit moved the bear to repent from his sinful nature, to walk in the light of the Lord.

When Jesus walked among us in the flesh, he was a God man. He was baptised by John, and then soon after fasted for forty days in the desert tempted by the devil every known temptation to man, and was able to resist. Jesus preached the gospel, healed the blind, rose a dead guy from his grave! Jesus shed his blood on the cross, rose from the dead 3 days later, told his disciple brothers “peace be with you”, then ascended into heaven! Jesus is Awesome!

Some people (names not worth remembering) on the thread say “Pro Bear”. You have to remember the Bear will not only attack Jesus… The Bears will also attack you. If you put your faith and hope in the Bear you will be let down greatly. Also, it is important to note that no matter what you think about Jesus, he created you… YES YOU! Aren’t you thankful for the life he has given you!? I know, I am 😀

If you have not asked God to come into your heart, why not do so now? Pray this pray.. “Dear God, I am a sinner. Please forgive me for all my sins, and come into my heart, and flood me with your powerful Love.”, the rest of the day you should pray “Thank You Jesus!” and/or “I LOVE YOU JESUS!”. I also recommend joining a church and/or bible study group 🙂

You know not to be a total prick but why do you all have to find meaning in art work. People try and study any art medium for some deep seeded meaning. I’m sure many works do have meaning including this one but why can’t you just enjoy the “art”. Stop ruining your enjoyment of art with the search of a tangable meaning just look at it.

I LOVE this image! I love how it tells the story of the Lord reconciling all things to himself. The bear is tryign to feed her cubs. She tears Jesus apart. Like we all do, whether we plan to or not, we all do this to varying degrees. We are the bear. Even though she has done this to him, he reaches out in forgiveness and blessing to her and she weeps, I assume over what she has done to him and receives love and forgiveness back from Him. I love this picture.

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