Zdzislaw Beksinski Paintings

Zdzislaw Beksinski Paintings

Zdzislaw Beksinski Paintings

Here is a gallery of paintings by Zdzislaw Beksinski.

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Never has an artist effected me with so much dramatic intensity since HR Gigor. I feel the pain and animosity towards his oppressors.

!ng3I ….Beksinski wasn’t murdered…he was artist.I was in his gallery…his pictures was fantastic!I didn’t see beeter pictures than his…hi was grand wight.
I saw his pictures…i feeled bogey…i feeled how in dream.


On 21 February 2005, Beksiński was found dead in his flat in Warsaw with 17 stab wounds on his body; two of the wounds were determined to have been fatal. Robert Kupiec (the teenage son of his long time caretaker), who later pleaded guilty, and a friend was arrested shortly after the crime. On 9 November 2006 Robert Kupiec was condemned to 25 years of prison, and his accomplice, Łukasz Kupiec, to 5 years by the court of Warsaw. Before his death, Beksiński refused a loan to Robert Kupiec.

From what I’ve heard, he burned many of his paintings, because he thought they shouldn’t be let out to the world. I’d be very curious to see what they’d look like.

Gerry, you twat he did destroy many of his paintings claiming that some of his pieces were to personal to show (his closest companies say tose were his best works)

Death deosn’t matter,anyway he could capture a little from the never ending world of dreams,the truth is,now it’s up to us to seek the dreams that he left here…

Dan Health: you are the biggest Wanker EVER. please do some resarch before trying to write badly constructed emotive language.

also, the fact that this guy burned some of his work makes him the second awsomest person ever.

slightly insane people make the worl a better place.

‘the fact that this guy burned some of his work makes him the second awsomest person ever. ‘

Does this make someone who burned all of his work the ‘awsomest’ person ever ?

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