Meathaus at the New York Comic Con

At the NY Comic Con, we will have the new Meathaus book “S.O.S.”, a fine assortment of Meathaus back issues, as well as my new book “Krachmacher 4” and some other stuff. Dash Shaw (promoting his epic “Bottomless bellybutton” will be hanging with Fantagraphics), Chris McDonnell (Editor in chief of a new retrospective book on the art of Ralph Bakshi ), and Farel Dalrymple (“Omega The Unknown”) will also be in attendance promoting their new books.

Due to a mixup in the paperwork, there is no “meathaus” table listed in directories at this weekend’s New York Comic Con. They put my name on it instead because I filled out the forms. The table is listed as “James Campbell” Sorry about that. I know it looks bad.
-Jim Campbell

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I haven’t read it yet, but man Dash’s new book is a really beautiful object. The online pics don’t do it any justice.

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