Fox News Should Hire Less Shitty Photoshop Artists

Outrageous journalistic practices aside, these altered photographs broadcast on Fox News show a very weak grasp of photoshop skills. The direction is all wrong. If you want to make an obvious photo alteration for humorous effect, go all the way and really make these guys ugly, malformed and caricatured. More insidiously (and probably the direction Fox wanted), if you are trying to alter photos to make someone unattractive or mutated, then you have to handle your tools with a lot more care and make more specific decisions then just pinching the whole head and cloning the hair.

One reply on “Fox News Should Hire Less Shitty Photoshop Artists”

Lets face it, Fox “News” should stop polluting the media pond and do us all a big favor by going out of business.

What they broadcast is not news, it is slanted crap aimed at affecting the gullible.

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