Dance Floor Dale Music Video

NEWEST EDIT: Warp Records has given this rad vid its own home! Check it out here.

NEW EDIT: OK well here it is: DOWNLOAD ON RAPIDSHARE. Not safe for work or children. Simulated sex acts between clothed actors with awesome lo-fi animation by Devin Flynn that makes it much filthier and funnier.

EDIT: It has been deleted from Vimeo, but it got in a few thousand views. Enjoy these frames above. It will show up somewhere else soon. Look at the director’s pages instead:

Amazing new video for Flying Lotus’ “Dance Floor Dale” track, directed by Eric Wareheim and co-directed by Eric Fensler and Devin Flynn.

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I was able to enjoy the video several times (get your mind out of the gutter) before it was removed. A fine piece of erotic art meets absurdist comedy meets music video.

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