Meathaus S.O.S. for SALE

I’ve got a limited stash of Meathaus S.O.S. books here to sell to you for your own enjoyment or gift giving. Not only am I going to sell them to you, I am going to send along free doodles and extras. Do you want more than one book? I will be giving you sensational discount offers. Tell me what you would like to buy, and I will individually tell you what kind of ridiculous offer I have for you to stimulate your sensitive economy. All your goods will be mailed USPS Priority mail. International orders are welcome, USPS international shipping rates will apply.

The global economy has collapsed so we are reverting to haggling, bartering and super sale-ing. Just write me an email with what you want and we’ll work it out.

Here is what I have in stock for you to choose from:
Meathaus S.O.S.
Meathaus 8: Head Games
Meathaus 7: Love Songs
Meathaus 6
Meathaus 5
Meathaus 4
Unfiltered: The Complete Ralph Bakshi by Jon M. Gibson and Chris McD
Cusp by Thomas Herpich
Goddess Head by Dash Shaw
The Mother’s Mouth by Dash Shaw
Walkie Talkie 2 by Nate Powell
Walkie Talkie 4 by Nate Powell
Tiny Giants by Nate Powell
Krachmacher 1 by Jim Campbell

Email me with your wish list.

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