Meathaus SOS Is Available Here NOW

EDIT: I’m taking out the dealz and BUY NOW buttons from this page because we now have a functioning STORE where you can buy Meathaus S.O.S. and the rest of our books.

Sure Meathaus S.O.S. is the best book we’ve ever made, but it has been unavailable on Amazon for most of the four months it has been published. We’re seeing discussion here that it is also scarce across the country in your local comics stores.

You can buy it directly from Meathaus right now and I will send you the book priority mail with FREE shipping.

Simple deal, $30 (cover price) gets you the new Meathaus S.O.S. shipped to you for free and I tend to throw in some stuff to these flat rate envelopes (like the cringingly awesome old Meathaus issue #1, postcards, doodles, and/or Ancient Justice 7″ records).


International customer? No problem! I am also paying part of your shipping cost for Priority mail.

13 thoughts on “Meathaus SOS Is Available Here NOW”

  1. Is this the only book you guys are selling now? I remember there actually being a store way back when, and i’d like to buy some of that stuff now that I have a paycheck.

  2. Hi Yani, click “Contact Meathaus” on the upper left and let me know what books you would like. I also have Meathaus 8 “Headgames”, Meathaus 7 “Lovesongs”, Meathaus 6, Meathaus 5, Meathaus 4, Krachmacher 1, and a few books by Dash.

  3. your links broken that looks through the boook. Could you discribe the book to me.. Are there multiple storylines? Ilistration only?

  4. JoeSchmoe sure I’ll send you the book and some other weird old book or a doodle if you want or a record if you want. Lemme know when you order. will have a proper store set up again in a few weeks too so it will be easier to order stuff again.

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