Jason Briggs Sculpture

Jason Briggs Sculpture

Jason Briggs ceramic sculptures evoke upholstered pube-encrusted orifice mutants. Via Design Boom.

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Just so you morons know, artists rarely make any money from there work, after there dead is a different story its the way it always has been. Prostitution you say, well if there was any kind of good sense in you, you would see that this piece is beautiful and perfect, and allows people to see something so few can even begin to understand. Before you take the time to try and insult someone and something you dont even know, try doing a scultpture or making a pinch pot that looks half decent, then you will see just how much work was put into this piece and you will begin to take on a whole different prespective.

Agreed, Nicole. Neither of those two prior comments were made by artists. Furthermore, I highly doubt that this artist sold this piece and if so kudos to him.

Prostitution is a blatant insult and shows pure ignorance. One couldn’t have fornicate with this piece there for it couldn’t even be classified as a sex object. It IS, however, very erotic which does incite a reaction from its viewer, which is the purpose of all art.

Jade get a brain. Your obviously not an artist and are another one of the sheep people that are inflicting this planet. Go watch some tv. It’s all your brain can handle. This piece of art took a high level of skill and thought to make.

I love this work – it makes me giggle – its yuck yet oh so fascinating – it provokes reaction. It evokes ideas about Freud & taboo & Kristevas ideas on the abject body. Very clever.

i cant say that i like his style but his detail and balance is amazing, the way it makes your eyes wonder threw it is key. good work

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