Meathaus Update

Jason Sacher Comics Golden Circle

A few new things to note on For 2009 we have stopped making links pop a blank browser window as I had been doing out of habit for years for no good reason. The user should have that control to decide to launch a new browser window with a simple right click.

The front page has been restructured again in a three column format to allow for Blogads on the left and soon more Meathaus content, and Google ads and other Meathaus content on the right. You can advertise on the left column by clicking the “Advertise Here” link below the Blogads. I am not sure if the Google ads are specifically target-able or not, but you can certainly advertise with them as well. The ad revenue has been enough to support the server rent which houses multiple Meathaus dude’s personal sites, so that has been great for the last year or so.

The body font size has been increased by a point and the line height increased in order to be less eye-shredding.

Best of all, we will be creating longer form articles and other original content which will be posted under the top-left Meathaus Articles header. New today is our first in a series of miniature biography pages about our various Meathaus artists. First up, Jay Sacher.

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