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What makes you more naked than just being nude? Naked with only socks on, or naked with only a shirt on?

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Great question, though in my mind they’re not even close. “only a shirt on” is way more naked. And though I haven’t seen it specifically, I think having only a fancy sweater on would be the most naked-making of all shirts.

Seems like for a girl, just socks would be worse than just a shirt. And for a guy, I think there’s something weirdly emasculating about just a shirt, so I think a guy would go for socks. Interesting question…

This just in, I think what you are saying there then is that a shirt does indeed make a man “more naked” in the sense of being exposed, whereas socks would be more comfortable for a guy in your estimation.

Since the bottom hem of the average shirt ends just above or around the pubic area or rear end it heightens the contrast between concealment and exposure of “naughty bits”. You can even play peek-a-boo with the nether regions, increasing the potential for arousal/disgust hence more “nakedness”. Socks don’t cover up nearly as much so you are practically nude and at worst funny to look at, not more naked. It’s all about contrast and the shifting between exposure and concealment. The shirt provides a more dynamic scenario to engage the perversions of the mind. The socks just sit there calling attention to themselves. A foot fetishist might have a different reaction, however.

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