Book Cover Design Process

Chronicle Books Cover Design Process

This post on Chronicle Books’ blog provides a good perspective on the amount of work and concept versions that can go into the design of a successful book cover. Checkitout.

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i think i like almost all of the “single image” rejected designs a thousand times more than the one they went with – isn’t one rad image radder than a jillion tiny ones, like how a movie poster is supposed to work anyway?

also: this reminded me of seeing something about hand-drawn ghanaian movie posters that i liked a while ago and searching for it just led me to another meathaus entry. so, nice job owning my memory, man

No problem, dude.

Yeah, you really can’t go wrong with a book cover with that weird hair or eyeball art and some nicely placed text. I don’t totally buy the rationale on the blog entry either, but marketing concerns tend to trump all, whether justified or not.

One thing that is definitely sharp about the final cover is the metallic silver ink background with the yellow and orange on the spine. Nice combo.

I am still waiting for a computer screen that can reproduce metallic inks and spot varnishes. And smell-o-vision. And when you put your hand into it it ripples when you pull out the products that you just bought.

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