Buy Michael Jackson’s Useless Detritus

Michael Jackson's Crap

The residue of the King of Pop is up for auction here (with more here). Browse the sweet Flash catalogs of hundreds of items that have enlivened countless sleep-over parties. Imagine which nose Michael had when wearing the Pinocchio mask. Maybe part of the nose is still in the mask. Via Cartoon Brew.

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I looked at every page. there are only a few things of much value other than the fact that they were once at Michael Jackson’s residence…the Edward Scissor Hands were nice and the first limo is a great bargain for someone enterprising…other than that it’s just a garage sale…even super stars have junk they don’t need…

Hi, my name is Daniele and I write from Italy, I desire info about the “PINOCCHIO Mask”, I like, it’s fantastic! But is for sale?
Thank you.

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