Jim Worthy Drawings

Jim Worthy Drawings

Jim Worthy has some drawings on his Flickr pages that include more like this.

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this drawing is very touching, the expressions on both child and adult is powerfull. the child, which to me is a girl, is frieghted of possibly getting a shot from a needle, and the nurse of even doctor has that sympathy look to him. Very moving

i am wondering if you might be interested in doing some drawings for a t-shirt company probono at first untill they start selling with me .. and you can even name the royalties

i like this,its fantastic,fabulous,wooow!!! i draw cartoons and illustrations, could any one help me get a job please? thank

love this drawing because this pic as feeling in it art its not weather it looks good well sometimes it is but its about what its trying to say when a painting says something is what makes you a good artist look for the word in the painting(not a quote if someone said then srry)

oh one more thing the artist may be trying to say something but what it says can be different to different people

so wicked dude im 19 and im good at drawing so what school did you go to because i love your art work i want to know so i can do it I LOVE YOUR ART WORK BUT THAT DOSE NOT MEAN IM GAY

Oh dear lord Jim! Absolutely tremendous art work (not surprising) I much preferred your drawings you did at WMU though. I think I still have some of those.

Hi Jim,

No – we didn’t have class together, we were both in the same dorm building – Henry Hall I believe it was. You and Tim Desley hung together. I’ll have to dig for those drawings – they were pencil sketches – and the pic of the wall mural that you and Tim finished for us girls.

Hello!! Jim and I worked at h g Daniels in 79 and 80…..Bruce….424-223-2266…call me Jim!!!!!

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