New Website

New Meathaus Website

Oh yes, here it is. We’re getting back to our roots with a new eye-searing design. The site has been a lot of different things over the last near-decade. We’re taking it back to a standard party-tray of blog, read, buy and about, with a new tasty option, hire.

Blog or MEATLOG is what you have come to know for for the last year or two, a daily source of cartooning, comics and art inspiration that you wont find simply regurgitated from other blogs out there. No, these juicy fruits are picked fresh by our visually stimulated editors.

READ COMICS & ARTICLES is the place where we stash original items that deserve more than just a casual blogging. Indeed, these humorous and informational pieces demand to be read.

BUY COMICS & ART is our resurrected store – old geezer Meathaus fans may remember the Warehaus. Here you’ll find a pared down selection of only our finest items ready to ship anywhere in the world via convenient Paypal transactions.

ABOUT MEATHAUS is a page which may expand in the future, but for now does a nice job of summing things up, despite a few 2006-era pop culture references (from when it was written).

HIRE MEATHAUS is recommended reading for all art directors, producers and rich people.

At any rate, we’ve got BIG NEWS. That’s right, a new surprise book has been published, GO FOR THE GOLD! 3. An aptly named follow up to 2005’s GO FOR THE GOLD! 2, GO FOR THE GOLD! 3 collects together into one volume an unholy amalgamation of 35 artists’ deepest sketchbook secrets. Check the preview page for more, and pre-order in the store for a free mini doodle zine to be included. They will ship out to you first week in December via Priority mail. Also available again for the first time in three years, GO FOR THE GOLD! 2.

Comment here or contact us with any problems with the site. Things will be getting tweaked over the next few weeks, but this baby was finally ready to roll out.

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