Jess Smart Smiley Art

Jess Smart Smiley Art

Jess Smart Smiley seems to be a man with a lot of ideas. Just looking at his blog here, you’ll see paper cut out illustration, inking practice, a 3D sculpted mountain, a coloring book, and photos of him hiding in a box dispensing free drawings to children and strangers in the dark. His latest idea is to draw digital portraits of you or your friend or family member for only $20 bucks, delivered to you as a printable file. You can see some examples consolidated here on Facebook.

Later today we’ll do another post regarding these portraits, and the first person to comment affirmatively that they’d like one will indeed win a free portrait from Mr. Smiley. YES, FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

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ahh, jess. you are so great. just so you know i love these holiday pictures. way to ring in the holidays.

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