Oh No You D’int

Go For The Gold! Is Go!

Go For The Gold! 3 and Go For The Gold! 2 and the mini bonus doodle weirdo zine are here and ready to ship worldwide! The store has them both and there is a preview of GFTG3 here. I’ll keep shipping these mini zines with every order because I can, and who cares? Right!

Now that all the fine contributing artists’ copies are shipping out to them, the pre-order phase is over. You order these books now, and I’ll be getting them into a Priority Mail package to you the next day.

Here’s a secret that’s no longer a secret: You can order these books directly from the print-on-demand printer too, if you prefer. That is over here. Books ordered from Meathaus here get the bonus zine and priority mail, and are already printed and ready to ship. So what is the advantage of ordering direct from the printer? I don’t know, maybe they have favorable international shipping or something.

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