The Pencil Factory Art Zine

The Pencil Factory Art Zine

The esteemed illustration inhabitants of The Pencil Factory including Friend Of Meathaus Josh Cochran have put together a promo newsprint zine showcasing their talents. Josh explains further on his blog that the contributors include Sam Weber, Jillian Tamaki, Leif Parsons, Jessica Hische, Chris Silas Neal, Ted McGrath, Grady McFerrin, Rachel Salomon, Gilbert Ford, Jennifer Daniel, Alex Eben Meyer, Zach O’Hora, Kim Bost, Joel Speasmaker and Josh himself, and that the project has its own website here where you can order one for ten bucks plus a free drawing if you order one of the first 100 copies. I have a feeling that deal is over considering the past tense nature of the description on this amazing flickr set of some of the drawings that went out with packages.

We promise to bring you rad drawing news here on, just not necessarily in a timely fashion…

Pictured above are the contributions by Jillian Tamaki, Josh Cochran and Chris Silas Neal.

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