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Jimmy Beaulieu Christmas Art

Jimmy Beaulieu has an older blog here but a new site here with a newer blog, but check them both. He makes drawings with a power that comes from the fast marks on the paper made with skinny pens and fat waxy pencils. Both his blogs have many sketches and studies including lots of nude ladies rolling around in bed along with a sprinkling of Smurfs.

A generalized observation is that many French-language comics artists work in a looser pencil rendered/hatching fashion such as this whereas traditionally U.S. based comics artists from the underground to the mainstream seem to primarily use a more defined inked line no matter how the work is colored. Or is the difference mostly in the coloring—the colored pencils? Is that something you have noticed, or a somewhat useless discussion being that it is so generalized? Are there regional or cultural influences that could have shaped this? Probably it would have to do with the language specific material available to artists as they were influenced during their formative drawing years. And what brand are those colored pencils and where can I get some? ha.

Jimmy Beaulieu sketch

In any case, Jimmy’s websites are great to look at and have more sketches to see than you can absorb in one sitting.

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Hi ! Very honored to be mentionned on your lovely site ! Thanks !

Thanks to superhero Vincent Giard, the new website has the old one in the archives, so you don’t have to waste time on that blogger relic.

The color pencils are awesome Faber Castell ( (they seem expansive on this site, but you can buy them one by one and they last long). I actually found better on a trip to France : the Rembrandt (, but they don’t seem to be carried in America anymore.

Anyway, thanks again,


Jimmy thanks for that pencil info! Naturally they appear to be fine instruments of drawing, top quality. But they only draw as good as the artist holding them, thanks for your great work.

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