Peter Hsu Hates Elves

Peter Hsu Hates Elves

I was going to post about how Brandon Graham has all these cool drawings and news from his current comics projects like King City from Image Comics on his blog, but he fills his blog up with such insane comics flotsam that he digs up from the dank corners of the internet and his own collections that it was too hard to concentrate. Instead, I had to post this one page ad Brandon scanned from somewhere. Peter Hsu HATES ELVES! As always, stay tuned to Brandon’s blog for more.

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Hello! I lived around the corner from you on Ballyronan years ago and came to your house to see your art in the mid 1980s. I always wondered what you were up to, and here you are!

I trust you are well & happy!



oh my god i have been looking for this comic for so long! thanks for the old ad, i remember reading this when i was a kid and trying to find it for years now…

Great ! Still have the old comics at my house and guarding my precious
I do love elves but it´s great to see them on the receiving end, too. And Stormcrest is my Avatar´s name for many a year by now. Trotted through the realms of WoW and many Campaigns of RPGs.

Really cool to see the good old stuff again !

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