Robert Crumb & Ralph Bakshi

1970s Counter-culture

An early 1970s German documentary has been uploaded onto Youtube in three parts. Part one. Part two. Part three. It includes nicely filmed footage of pillars of 1970s counter-culture: yogis, drug use and naked-commune-hippies.

1970s Robert Crumb German Film Interview

It features an interview with Robert Crumb towards the end which is mostly obliterated by the German over-dub, and charming family scenes of the Crumbs around the house and yard, a precursor to Zwigoff’s “Crumb” released in 1994.

1970s Ralph Bakshi in New York City & Directing Fritz The Cat

Also included are scenes with young Ralph Bakshi directing his first feature film, Fritz the Cat, mainly in the first and second clips. Ralph is shown with his producer-later-turned-business-nemesis Steve Krantz discussing scenes. Ralph directs voice-overs, watches cels being shot, cruises Manhattan with his 35mm camera taking reference and background shots, and talks up strangers and hot dog vendors on the streets (which is pretty much what it’s like walking down the street with Ralph to this day).

1970s NYC Wasteland

Shots of the weird wastelands that could still be found in 1970s NYC are strange and beautiful. It is a great little documentary, even without comprehension of the voice-over.

Original link via Cartoon Brew.

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