Mickey Z Print Details

Mickey Z Print Detail

You know you love printing when this sort of stuff pitches your eye-tents. I was going to scan the cover of the new issue of Michaela Zacchilli’s Rav comics but I didn’t notice the scanner settings were left at 400% from something else. So when I got a way larger image than needed for this blog post I blew it up to 100% and enjoyed the inky details. Here’s another:

Mickey Z Print Detail

Anyways here’s Michaela’s own photo below of her new book from her Flickr stream and you buy the thing and other prints over on her website, specifically here.


Michaela is of course in the new issue of Meathaus’s sketchbook anthology, GO FOR THE GOLD! 3, which you can preview and buy here. One of Michaela’s pages is in the preview section on that page.

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