Lucky Dragons Luke

Lucky Luke Sumi Ink Club

Every once in a while on the internet you get lucky and instead of wasting a whole morning spying on your old classmates from high school in a creepy way while gritting your teeth, you bump into someone you knew from those days, even if only a little, and it turns out that they are wearing a bowl-mullet haircut, having international communal sumi ink drawings sessions and making music by having everyone touch each other in a peaceful circle while electronic connections are made through human skin and knitted musical nodes.

Anyway that happened to me a few years ago, and Luke is still at it with his pals playing music as Lucky Dragons and jamming out in ink with the club. Luke has a load of photos and art over here too. He also is probably involved in some way with this New Other Thing which is a free record label and has rad mixtapes, and this too.

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