Alex Mathers Illustration

I’m adding a new category to the Meatlog: Business. I love business. Every freelance illustrator, designer or cartoonist out there knows at least enough business stuff to get by, but can always stand to learn more. AND LOVE IT.

I read all kinds of cheesy, corporate-speak articles, magazines and books about business, organization and motivation. It is what it is, bros, I’ve shed my hang-ups and I’m feeling great. Now I can’t wait to read the latest issue of Entrepreneur to find out which franchise I should set up in my living room, Little Caesar’s or Subway?

Speaking of business, Alex Mathers illustrates stuff here (and the illustrations above), runs his own art blog here, and then writes this other blog called Red Lemon Club which focuses on online self-promotion for creative freelancer types. Some tips you might find handy.

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