SHALO P Drawings

SHALO P drew five pages worth of neat work and posted it on his Flickr account and I had to search through most of it to find a few drawings that didn’t include some kind of diabolical acts of cartoon character violence or weird psychedelic sex organs in order to feature it here on the front page of Meathaus. So that gives you some idea of what you’ll find here before clicking it. It really is subjective what I post on the front page concerning adult themes in art form. I mean look below this post and you’ll see bisected monsters and boobs. I’ve certainly posted nude hippies. In fact, “nude hippies” is one of our top Google search referrals, haha. Gross.

Who knows, maybe there are ten thousand violent sex organs in the above artwork that I’m missing. My high school English teachers would tell me that there are. That’s the mysterious nature of art: it’s like a Where’s Waldo book.

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