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Neon Knome is a new short cartoon created by Ben Jones of Paper Rad and PFFR, the dudes behind Xavier: Renegade Angel and Wonder Showzen. Adult Swim commissioned new shorts from eight crews to pit against each other in a popularity contest. I believe all of Adult Swim’s shows to this point have been programmed to air by the magical whims of the Adult Swim executives down in Atlanta, as is typically the case on any network. The wild weirdness of their choices has put a lot of good and bad work on air. However it is hard to find people who agree on exactly which shows are the good ones. That’s fine, in fact it probably is a part of Adult Swim’s success. The dividing of its viewership into “comedy”, “action” and “dong fart butt blood”, etc. camps promotes fanatical devotion. I should know, I read the Adult Swim forums while I was working on Tom Goes To The Mayor

A problem then arises for fans of Adult Swim’s psychedelic cartoon selections when a promising show by proven creators of entertaining weirdness is placed in a contest like the current one because it may not have wide enough popularity to win. Neon Knome is up against Yappy Broads currently in the voting, and is trailing in popularity 33% to 67%. It confounds me because Yappy Broads is less entertaining than even The View, the kind of show that it is attempting to parody. Seriously. Yappy Broads proves that you need more than just men in wigs for comedy. It is frustrating to see Neon Knome‘s intensely imaginative world potentially being shut down by boring dreck.

I understand that the contest is part of a sponsorship tie-in deal which helps to keep this weird dank corner of cable television on the air, it is just a shame that cool shows could get chewed up in the process. Neon Knome is the kind of show that I’d like to see the Adult Swim guys shoehorning onto TV by force as they always do with their nuttiest selections.

The voting is open here, so check out the shows and make up your own mind. Fair and balanced. Thanks to a tip from Marc on this.

Edit: I suppose my frustration with the contest is misplaced if it is in fact the very existence of this contest that allowed the budgets for these shows to be produced in the first place. I am pleased that they were made, so that is a positive aspect of the whole deal. Also, now I know that Ben Jones intended ALFE to be pronounced “Alf-ay” instead of just “Alf”.

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Yeah this makes no sense to me – it’s an internet crime! But you’re right, at least we got a beautiful 8-minutes of Ben Jones/PFFR psychedelic cartoon magic.

“Water you talking about”

Dude, I was just thinking this same exact thing after watching both clips. Granted, I’m already a huge PFFR fan, and I love Paper Rad, but come the fuck on. Putting something as intense and creative as Neon Knome up against something like Yappy Broads isn’t really fair. They’re apples and oranges, and shouldn’t even be considered together. But alas, that’s Darwinism for you.

Just checked and Yappy Broads is winning 73% to 27%.

its too late for alfe and freinds. 8-bit and acid cartoons has been played to death.

besides b.j. has an excess of original vision for the corporate cartoon channels.

Interesting thought, Franco. Are you suggesting that the popularity of the stylings that B.J. & Paper Rad brought to the fore has run its course because of over saturation and lesser imitations propagating across the globe over the last 5-10 years? I personally still find that Ben Jones’ work is just plain funny. He’s got something. His ALFE comics that I got almost a decade ago are still some of my favorite comics. Trends coming and going wont change that B.J. is an interesting dude that makes fun stuff.

Yes, and yes. B.J. is hilarious and truly unique. I saw him perform live in Boston a few years back and that was a night to remember fershure. His Simpsons comic for the “Treehouse” anthology last year was the best thing written for the Simpsons (in any media) in quite some time.

Stylistically, Paper Rad has been getting ripped off for quite some time intentionally or not. I personally enjoyed NEON KNOME, but to most people, who don’t know where its coming from, it probably feels derivative. The irony is that its the real thing.

What’s even sadder is that all the shows I voted for on the [as] contest all lost. The clever Snake N’ Bacon lost to Toon Tits, the unique Duckworth lost to Not-Squidbillies, and PFFR and TV Carnage’s Totally4Teens from what I’ve heard is currently losing to an Aqua Teen spinoff.

Also just to add, all the winners so far is the shows that are placed to the left, and the clips they had for Yappy Broads ans Soul Quest before the pilot aired did not appear in the actual pilot at all, implying that they already greenlighted them.

Just a thought.

Meathaus, great write up! Neon Knome GREAT! this is a big problem with Adult Swim. I have been watching A.S. from the first night it was on, and will continue to watch every night but i have to say the channel at times can really fail with their programming choices. Case and point “titan maximum”, i know some people may like it, im not saying its all bad, But it should have go throw this voting process. and it would not be on the air now if it did.

ps. i know people like Robot Chicken because
it’s all the toys we played with when we where kids but there is no real thinking in A.S. most popular show. and that is the kind of suckthink that will keep Neon, and Professor Brothers off air.

such bullshit. They’re taking away our xavier and our superjail, the least they can do is give us neon knome. How the fuck am i supposed to sleep knowing I’ll never know what happens with the future genies?

hahahah i remember being on the adult swim forums when tom goes to the mayor first came out. people ripped it apart, but i loved it and still stand by it. and i 100% agree with tiki tantrum, all the shows i voted for lost. i really wanted to see snake ‘n’ bacon

Neon Knome should have won I still find tons of sites that people put up to vote for Neon Knome and if I search for Yappy Broads I see absolutely nothing dedicated to voting for it.

I wanna know who the future genies are as well WBW! 🙁

when the paperrad dvd came out and i watched the alfe/roba/horace cartoon for the first time i was like “how much you wanna bet this shit makes it onto adult swim in the next couple of years?” then problem solvers came out, with more than one epsiode, and i figured maybe that would be the project to make it on the air. then i saw the voting and i was like….finally, its happening. but its not apparently. i didnt even watch yappy broads but the name alone made it sound fucking horrible. neon knomes trailer was hilarious and beautiful.

people have absolutely no taste. although it will be kind of nice not to constantly hear people talking about that “shitty trippy show neon guys or whatever” everywhere i go. i just hope ben jones at least releases a dvd of whatevers finished of the series.

huge paperrad and pffr fan from way back…a good combo.

Neon Knome is the greatest cartoon I’ve ever seen and I couldn’t even sit through half of Yappy Broads. I can understand some people not enjoying Neon Knome but Yappy Broads had no redeeming qualities at all. Dudes in wigs, The View is lame.. whatever. It seemed like a poorly thought out SNL skit from ten years ago.

Of all the shows, it seemed that Neon Knome had the most series potential and was the most put together in many ways. That I am still thinking about this months later is sort of remarkable in itself. I had no idea who made it, I just enjoyed it.

At least now I know where to find some of the primary creator’s other work.

I’m saddened that Cheyenne Cinnamon won. I mean that was borderline sh*t.

Yappy Broads was just plain boring and don’t even know how they got away with Duckworth.

Neon Knome would have been a great addition to Adult Swim, rather than being transformed into a Cartoon Network show.

I’m glad Soul Quest Overdrive was green lit though.

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