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You may have noticed that it was a weird posting week on, I was eating mofongo in Puerto Rico and totally didn’t have time to post extensively but I didn’t want to let you know that I was there so you could all come and rob my house. I have an alarm in any case. Thanks to Jay for picking up the slack with his prime selections. I hope he sticks around and posts more frequently despite already having posting duty on both his own Golden Circle Story Time comics blog as well as the Chronicle Books blog. I know that the rest of the Meathaus guys would post more too if they could ever remember their passwords—their hearts are in the right place. Lastly, I keep hammers in various places around the house for both nailing down floor boards as well as for potential self-defense against all of you blog reading home invaders. OK, back to it.

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Thanks for the shout-out Chris, and welcome back to the contigious United States. I think you should maybe start using your frequent, well-conceived and insightful blog posting as an alibi for kick-ass gentlemanly cat burgarling.

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