Ralph Bakshi Show Opening

This weekend in NYC at the Animazing Gallery, Ralph Bakshi returns with a gallery opening of new work called The Streets. Friday night is an invitation only reception followed by a Saturday afternoon public opening and book signing. The show consists of his constructions which are dimensional sculpture/painting hybrids that usually hang on the wall. Here is a video made in relation to the opening that describes the context of the work. The gallery info on the show is here.

While on the subject of Ralph, here is a video that has been popular on the internet amongst students and the creative crowd, produced by Stephen Worth of the ASIFA Hollywood Animation Archive. It is a clip of the interview he conducted with Ralph at the San Diego Comicon a few years ago. Ralph answers a question about surviving tough times with such great enthusiasm, humor and conviction that this clip has actually motivated people to get off their asses and start producing their own work. I know this because I’ve read it on blogs over and over again in the last few years. This is definitely worth watching for all of you who haven’t seen it or haven’t seen Ralph in person before. And it is worth watching again if you saw it last year, it is about time for a recharge.

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