The Art of Real Life Wizardz

Well I was just looking for an excuse to post this sweet poster again that Robertryan Cory and I designed and illustrated back in 2006 and Ron Russell wizard-colored. It was previously mentioned here in relation to the show we had at Nickelodeon Studios hallway gallery in Burbank, CA. There is a box of these stashed in Jon M. “8-Bit” Gibson’s garage or something that I’ll get back eventually and distribute to all you pizza-surfin’ dudes and ladies out there. But until then, the excuse to post this was that I found the source file finally, so I can do stuff with it again, I guess. Like “save for web” in any pixel dimension that I like and post here.

Which brings up the point that you can grab the new GO FOR THE GOLD! 3 Meathaus sketchbook anthology which includes a load of pages from Cory, myself and over 30 other artists—and you’ll get mini bonus doodle zines by both of us.

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