CB Radio QSL Card Art

There are rare moments in life when you stumble upon a previously-unknown-to-you collection of work that speaks to your personal sensibilities directly with the force of ten thousand tornadoes. This was one of those moments for me this morning as I clicked through page after page of cards of art on Flickr full of cartoon meats, lounging fat men, and sassy nicknames. The hand lettering, limited print colors, and labored cartooning on deteriorating paper stock drove me crazy with delight. For a bit I thought some single mind had created a conceptual framework in which to empty their madness, but then I noticed that there was 400 pages of this stuff. I had to read the profile page to understand what the hell I was looking at. It made sense right away. This stuff was all too personal and specifically different in bizarre ways to ever be made by one person. And all those strange codes had to mean something, of course. It’s best that you go and read it yourself. I don’t have time to re-type it here because I’ve got about 350 more pages to view. The collection on Flickr and on the myQSL website.

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Not to be pedantic, but the association of QSL cards with CB radio is incorrect, if I’m not mistaken. It is amateur radio operators (or “HAMs”) who utilize the cards. The distinction is fairly important to them as HAMs require licensing and no small amount of technical knowledge at every varied level of use; while CB can be used equally without standards by speed-freak truckers, drunken hillbillies or lost housewives.

To see what a NEW CB QSL CARD looks like these days, check out the link: [edit: dead link] If anyone would like to order cards, I can design them cheaply and uniquely!

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