Gil Gentile Art

And so we begin digging through the comics sack to see what goods were raked in, traded and purchased at the 2010 MoCCA Arts Fest last weekend. Gil Gentile stopped by the table to show off some mini comics called And The Light Comes Out of My Mouth and Teen Witch which were nice and pencil art/photocopy grungy like I like ’em. Even more instantly accessible to you are the art stashes of Gil’s that I just found online here on his Flickr and his blog portfolio where lots of conceptual objects, synth jams, wooden sculptures and drawings go down. Gil also runs with the Taffy Hips comics crew out of New York. Thanks Gil!

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oh wow thanks for posting his links!

this dude stopped by my table and just dropped a zine and left! i loved his work but i was sad that the only info i could find of him on his zine was “gil g.”

his work is awesome!!!

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