Mike Bertino’s Trigger Comics

Mike Bertino has a blog and website and was previously mentioned here and here and here. Obviously I’m a fan of the work and Mike’s new comic book Trigger was one of the few I actually managed to pick up at MoCCA during the 15 minutes I wasn’t behind the Meathaus table. It is a super fun b/w book with a few different stories in it, some of which will be serialized in future issues. And though the cover is a psychedelic visual potpourri perhaps leading your expectations that the insides may be similar, the interiors are instead structured stories that utilize the traditional language of comics. It seems strange to point that out, but so many comics eschew panels, stories, comprehensible communication, etc. these days that it is worth noting that you can sit down and read these stories on the crapper and be entertained. It is being put out by Revival House which also put out the previously mentioned Shitbeams On The Loose anthology.

EDIT: Fixed misspelling Mike’s name, dang. Sorry!

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