Zines are fun to make and to read, especially zines about comics. Although I don’t remember how I acquired LADYGUNN at MoCCA, I seem to have it now, so I was interested to see that inside there were interviews with some bigshot comics people such as personal favorite Julie Doucet. LADYGUNN is edited by Koko Ntuen and also has a slick website here. I didn’t see where you could get the printed zine version on the website, but you can probably figure it out by writing Koko. I think this is a cool idea to make a zine both online and in print in the traditional shitty photocopy style that is so dear to my heart, because besides the cheap portability of print that digital will never vanquish, some content is more pleasurable to experience in one format over the other. For example, the hand written letter from Joe Matt is much nicer to read on the page, and the fashion photos are a lot nicer on the screen. Checkitout.

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