Jenny’s Cream Cheese Videos

Jenny Drumgoole (previously mentioned here and here) has fully committed herself to the Great American Dream of having Paula Deen sign her momma’s cookbooks, and thus has begun a two month long journey of producing a new cream cheese cooking video every week for the full length of the Real Women of Philadelphia contest sponsored by Paula Deen. Above is a YouTube playlist with Jenny’s first three entries and I’m looking forward to next week’s. I decided to post something about these videos before the entire contest is over because you too may want to join in waiting with anticipation for each new episode to be uploaded to Jenny’s channel. Writing too much about the videos would be a disservice to their creative cooking methods, so I can just say carve out 6 to 10 minutes for each this weekend and watch these cooking videos for hot tips from a Real Woman of Philadelphia.

We know that Paula Deen is watching, and certainly has an eye on Jenny, because she called her second video out on the contest blog just last week. Paula has however remained silent after week three’s entry, where things seem to take a darker turn. Paula, sign those cookbooks! Jenny’s momma needs them.

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