Josh Burggraf Comics

Still digging through the MoCCA 2010 bag! Josh Burggraf was a contributor to the first Meathaus collaborative collage zine experiment, Melting Pot, and he stopped by at MoCCA with his book 2010 with comics in three inks about different dudes doing different things including a blue thingy becoming a prostitute. Also he showed off his zine, Mongoloid Diner. He’s got a Flickr area.

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Man, you have quite the grab bag from MoCCA! Really dig this stuff. Wish more of my students would play around with two, three color comics. The stylization is pretty sweet as well. Your postin’ these in the early AM dude! Keep ’em coming I plan on turnin’ more of students to this site when I teach in the summer and when we return in the fall

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