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Ville Ranta Comics

Above, two unrelated comics pages from Ville Ranta’s blog.

Click over to Ville Ranta of Finland’s website to see more of these colorful drawings on his blogi. Ville also co-runs a Finnish-focused comics publishing group, Asema. Ville’s blog makes me think about others that are using blogs to showcase journal-style, personal comics. I am impressed with the ability of these artists to chronicle their lives in comics form and then have the deftness to regularly scan, format and post them as their primary means of publishing personal news, when just typing up some crap would be much quicker. Obion, for example is one such artist that comics-blogs (that we just posted about last week). Meathaus’ own comics barbarian, Becky Cloonan, has something similar going on her blog too. She has been making these Comic Attack strips for a while (one example of Becky’s strip below):
Becky Cloonan Comics Attack Comics

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