Early Brian Bolland Art

Early Brian Bolland Art

Brain Bolland is of course a bigshot comics artist. Brian’s got a website here that has been up for a while, with a few galleries and even some helpful tutorials on one way that professionals digitally color and prepare comics pages for print production. Most admirable of all however is the gallery of Brian’s “early amateur work”. I love this stuff, everything about it. The weirdness, the struggle, the bad ideas, the good ideas, the 1970s hair, the super hero attempts, the uncomfortably drawn sex gags and horrid puns. Every artist who has a comfortable history of professional success behind him or her should have a massive gallery just like this online showing off their early fumbling achievements. It is an example that today’s students can measure their own progress against knowing that Brian eventually evolved into the professional artist that he is today (I’m assuming through good old hard work and study, let me know if there’s another way). Post in the comments if you know of any other artist’s galleries of early work online we can examine.

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dr steg produced many undeground comiks and artworks in the 90’s mixing up fine art and comics. he gives most of his work away free nowadays as long as you’ve got an address, a sort of anti-capitalist robin hood. robbing the rich to give art to anyone. he is a very mis interpreted individual.

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